Ever changing trends are just a redesign!

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We are progressing our days into the future of the great technology. Especially, the evolution of mobile phones being the greatest inventory of times, the design, technology and the said interior architecture involved, has been tremendous and always changing. The mobiles evolved with reduction of man power not only in regular devices like compass, clock or Cameras but also in phone style models and apps developed in running the mobile phones more smooth and evolving in aesthetics geared for protection and long lasting of the device. The Mobile Phone accessories evolved initially to enhance the phone's aesthetics which were none other than ordinary jewelry  like phone charms. Just like a wheel, the accessories found it's place not only in aesthetics but also in utility which is evolving from time to time, enhancing itself with the ever changing phone models, slowly enhancing in technology, hardware and design. The Accessories found its place as screen protectors, cases, external batteries, projectors, External storage, pop sockets, VR headsets, headsets, cables, phone stand etc., and has been evolving continuously with the technology.

Got a clumsy hands? Phone cases and screen protectors will keep the phone safe. Worried the phone's out of battery, Power banks solve the problem. Need a selfie? Yes pop socket will support the hands! Want to listen to songs and your in a public space? Don't worry, just plug in the ear phones, and enjoy your time waiting. Its not only convenient, but also the useful in dire situations, away from traditional plugins.

Why are mobile accessories just a redesign? Accessories like screen protectors, cases, phone stands are designed with the phone model and of course accessories like such never change their role in their work but are equally important to guard our beloved all in one phone and give lovely aesthetics. It's different when hardware electronics like VR headsets, ear phones are taken into consideration. The external batteries are one such of a kind, where we are stuck with the Lithium Ion battery and the most universal battery used in almost all devices. Hence, materials are important to serve a certain purpose. Initially the phone cases, they used TPU(Thermoplastic Polyurethane), and enhanced the Product quality by blending are other materials like TC(Thermoplastic) or combination of TC and TPU or aluminum alloys or steel to enhance the product. Such designs are always evolving and are in steady evolution geared to change along with the evolving mobile technology. Of course, one cannot predict the time, it will help to escalate new trends and may also takeover what mobile phones could do one day. As always experimenting helps in evolving processes and to increase its utility and to encounter all possible problems which comes through it. Wonder what kind of new accessories would come to take over the world?