ZEOS Global partners with Kastus® to launch unique new range of Antiviral + Antibacterial screen protectors

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ZEOS’ new tempered glass screen protectors powered by Kastus® Sustainable Hygiene™ 

ZEOS Global designs, manufactures and markets state-of-the-art, high-end disruptive consumer electronics products and accessories under the ZEOS brand, with initial focus in the mobile space. A team of experienced and motivated professionals are on a mission to make the ZEOS brand synonymous with innovative, well designed, high quality, but practical products, that solve a problem. The brand has won numerous awards, including multiple CES Innovation and Red Dot Awards. ZEOS has a global presence, with offices in the USA, Singapore and India. Learn more at ZeosMobile.com.

Kastus are delighted to announce that the next generation range of ZEOS tempered glass screen protectors are made with Kastus’ Sustainable Hygiene surface treatment built in as a new standard. ZEOS plan to launch in January 2022 with an initial focus on mobile devices and will soon launch a state-of-the-art new ‘Kastus powered’ screen protector for car-maker TESLA’s interior touchscreens.    

Kastus’ patented antiviral + antibacterial surface treatment enables screen protector brands to better protect their customers. This unique, self-sanitising technology is maintenance free and permanently embedded during manufacturing to help screen protector surfaces stay protected 24/7 for their lifetime. Kastus-enhanced screen protectors are proven in independent labs to continuously deactivate >99% of harmful bacteria and viruses including human coronavirus, Influenza A (a cause of seasonal flu) and Rhinovirus (cause of the common cold).


Speaking of the new partnership John Browne, Kastus CEO & Founder,  said:

“The team at Kastus is delighted to announce our new global partnershp with ZEOS – enabling millions of potential new consumers to feel better protected everyday when using their mobile phones. Powered by Kastus technology,  ZEOS‘ next generation products deliver a uniquely relevant antiviral screen protection solution to a global audience, when it’s needed most. We look forward to a long and successful partnership with Prem and the ZEOS Brand, and helping in the ongoing fight against the spread of viruses.”

John Browne
Founder and CEO of Kastus


Prem Sanjay Vuthandam, Founder & CEO – ZEOS Global, said:

“At ZEOS, we are on a mission to design and deliver innovative, disruptive products and accessories that either solve a problem or add unheard of features. All while keeping the unique needs, and the health and safety of our customers in mind. There was always a need to protect mobile and other electronic devices from bacteria and viruses. The pandemic has broadened and accelerated that demand further.

We are very excited to partner with Kastus, due to their innovative antiviral + antibacterial treatment that is sintered into the tempered glass surface during manufacturing, unlike traditional sprayed-on methods that wear away. Consumers have been reluctant to buy such antimicrobial products due to their short life. But now with their patented embedded invisible antiviral + antibacterial coating technology, ZEOS screen protectors will now offer permanent “always-on” 24/7 protection against both harmful bacteria and viruses – including human coronavirus.”

Prem Sanjay Vuthandam
Founder and CEO of ZEOS Global

For more information visit www.zeosmobile.com     

For more information visit www.kastus.com